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September 27, 2017
Tempest Torch Electric Ignition LPG
September 27, 2017

Tempest Torch Piezo Igniter LPG


Syam proudly supplies gorgeous torches, designed by Tempest Torch. Tempest Torch is known for innovation, creativity and ground breaking developments in design. Syam offers dramatic and inspired outdoor gas lamps that contribute to the aesthetic of your home. These torches create a natural flame that does not require a fan or electricity. This natural venture creates what some mat say is a ‘dancing flame.’ This dancing light spirals behind tempered glass casing, adding a magical element to your outdoor living area.

The torch has endless display opportunities and can be placed in outdoor areas, pool sides, business fronts and outdoor walkways.


There are two Torch head and a portable patio models. The Tempest Torch head models are available in either manual light or IPI electric ignition models. The manual model works with a built-in Piezo Igniter.

The electric IPI model allows you to install up to 25 torches on a single 15 amp circuit. Electric IPI torches can be used with a light switch programmable timers or wired into a smart home system.

The portable option is only available in a manual light ignition system. All the option come with gas values, igniters, frames, burners and glass panels.

Installation Options:
  • Deck Mount
  • In Ground Post Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Pillar Mount
  • Portable Patio Option
Options And Features include:
  • Tempered glass (easily removed for cleaning)
  • Durable stainless steel frame and burner
  • Automatic gas shut off if flame goes out
  • Easy access control panel
  • Choice of Piezo igniter or IPI electric ignition
  • Wet weather lighting port
  • Single On/Off and flame height control
  • Natural Gas or Propane models
  • Automatic tip-switch shut-off on Portable Model
  • Rain Cap (optional to use)
  • Optional Cast Post Cover
  • Optional All Weather Cover
  • Optional Wheel Kit for Portable Model


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