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Ballito Gas and Braai

Hob Grill 6 Burner

Our streamlined Chad-O-Chef – 6-Burner Hob Grill encompasses two 3-Burner Hob-Grill bodies merged together adds a sleek, adding a minimalist design appeal to your entertainment area, sporting a hinged lid opening up a world of flavour to your braaiing experience.

This unit is dropped into your counter top. A hinged stainless steel cover cleanly hides your grill away when you’re done enjoying that great steakhouse taste.

The counter top and cabinetry housing the Hob Grill must be lined with fire retardant materials (e.g. ceramic blanket or vermiculite).

Ventilation Requirements & Drip-Tray access
This product requires Ventilation panels to be added to the cabinet housing the unit, allowing for sufficient airflow to the burners.
This Product will need a hinged door built into the cabinet housing the unit, to provide access to the Drip-Tray, for cleaning and maintenance.
The counter top and cabinetry housing the Hob Grill must to be lined with fire retardant materials (e.g. ceramic blanket or vermiculite).

Stainless Steel Grades
Our Braais are available in Inland Grade for general corrosion resistant applications, and Coastal Grade for severely corrosive conditions and coastal applications

Gas Type Options
Our products are available in LPG (standard) as well as Natural Gas options (custom)


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